Board Contact Registry
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| Contact Name> Relationship | Inmate Name>- | Inmate No.> | Contact Date |
Lagree JonesFriend A Dexter52462309/09/2003
Liugene GloverOther Family Member Aaaron Covin57906007/19/2006
Melvin JohnsonAttorney Aakeem Woodard24181802/03/2003
Jackie CanadayParent Aakeem Woodard24181805/15/2003
Jackie CanadyParent Aakeem Woodard24181805/19/2003
Dot PinkertonOther Aakeem Woodard24181807/12/2004
Tiffany WoodardSpouse Aakeem Woodard52760709/20/2006
Jeffery DillardOther Aakeem Woodard52760709/20/2006
Stephen RebaAttorney Aakeem Woodard24181805/11/2011
Stephen RebaOther Aakeem Woodard24181805/31/2012
David LucasPublic Official Aarion Glover38212608/15/2002
Sheilo StanleyParent Aarion Glover38212607/20/2004
Forrest ShealyAttorney Aaron Alexander79113802/20/2015
Dorothea Banks-JohnsonOther Family Member Aaron Banks57344410/19/2016
Naoma GilsonOther Family Member Aaron Banks57344410/19/2016
Andre & Tynaia PittmanOther Family Member Aaron Banks57344410/21/2016
Brittany EwingSpouse Aaron Beathea71237710/12/2010
Brittany EwingSpouse Aaron Betea71237711/09/2010
Buttary EwingSpouse Aaron Betha71237704/12/2011
Denise BetheaParent Aaron Bethea71237703/09/2010
Brittany EwingSpouse Aaron Bethea71237703/09/2010
Brittany EwingSpouse Aaron Bethea71237704/13/2010
Brittany EwingSpouse Aaron Bethea71237705/11/2010
Anirea HwangOther Aaron Bethea71237708/10/2010
Brittany EwingParent Aaron Bethea71237708/10/2010
Brittaney EwingSpouse Aaron Bethea71237709/14/2010
Regena EwingOther Family Member Aaron Bethea71237703/08/2011
Brittany EwingSpouse Aaron Bethea71237703/09/2011
Brittany EwingSpouse Aaron Bethea71237707/12/2011
James StephensFriend Aaron Bethea71237707/12/2011
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