Board Contact Registry
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Hide details for 04/01/204904/01/2049
Yolanda CanadySpouse Charles Rackins73751904/01/2049
Hide details for 06/24/201906/24/2019
Victoria SmithAttorney Allen Grace28667406/24/2019
Jake ArbesAttorney Ronak Patel86558306/24/2019
Hide details for 06/21/201906/21/2019
Veronica BrinsonAttorney Willie Tillman30190506/21/2019
Janis MannAttorney Nicholas Harrison81394106/21/2019
Hide details for 06/19/201906/19/2019
Jake ArbesAttorney John Icaza86428006/19/2019
Hide details for 06/17/201906/17/2019
Victoria SmithAttorney Adrian Drepaul85206106/17/2019
Hide details for 06/15/201906/15/2019
Citizens For CommutationOther Marion Wilson Jr38442206/15/2019
Hide details for 06/14/201906/14/2019
James SmithAttorney Andre Ruff84972906/14/2019
Hide details for 06/13/201906/13/2019
Jennifer MichelPublic Official Eric Ferrell75009606/13/2019
Joe HudsonPublic Official Eric Ferrell75009606/13/2019
Michael YatesPublic Official Eric Ferrell75009606/13/2019
Gina McwhorterOther Thomas Madden82460606/13/2019
David BurgeOther Marion Wilson38442206/13/2019
Hide details for 06/12/201906/12/2019
Larry EllerbeAttorney James Parsons84376306/12/2019
Mcneill StokesAttorney Haily Burrage79997906/12/2019
Macklyn SmithAttorney Edward Trusky86617706/12/2019
Robert SargentParent Matthew Sargent76036606/12/2019
Hide details for 06/11/201906/11/2019
Carolyn BunnOther Family Member Robert Barnett75029606/11/2019
Rekisha Pitts DoveParent Brandon Pitts85607706/11/2019
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